Snip Snap, Alligator!

This is the paperback reissue of Snip Snap! (Snip Snap! What’s That?, US)

Illustrated by Nick Maland, published by Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 978 1444914894

Winner of the Stockport Children’s Book Award
A Parents’ Choice Silver Award winner (USA)
Awarded the Society of Illustrators’ Silver Medal (USA)

When the alligator came creeping, creeping, creeping up the stairs, were the children scared?     You bet they were!

“Mara Bergman’s thrill ride, Snip Snap! What’s That?, brilliantly captures this primal fear of home invading noisemakers. While Bergman’s rhythmic, vocal text propels the story forward, it is Nick Maland’s illustrations, watercolors on photocopied drawings, that actually provide the book’s suspenseful foundation. Teasing us visually by showing just portions of the alligator’s body – a spiky tail, gigantic jaws, clawed feet – Maland enables us to confront our own menacing reptilian fantasies. In fact, the children’s dramatic reversal neatly coincides with our first look at the entire alligator, head to tail.” – New York Times

“Nick Maland’s clever perspectives make the alligator increasingly alarming as he swells to fill more and more of the page in this well-created story of facing down fear.” – The Guardian

“Using elements of rhythm and rhyme as well as an enjoyably predictable question-and-answer    refrain the text maintains a playful tone beneath the scary details… Expressive line drawings, brightened with watercolour washes, illustrate the story with wit and style… Good fun.”  – Booklist

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