Musical Beds

Illustrated by Marjolean Pottie, published by Simon and Schuster. ISBN: 0743 462084

It’s bedtime for Josie, Rosie and little Rick. Dad’s tucked them in, each in their own bed, as snug as snails. But while he is trying to enjoy some quiet time by himself, each child tries to find a better place to sleep… So they go, one by one, on a bedtime dance around the house.

“Bergman’s whimsical descriptions of the tykes snoozing in their beds, “quiet as a carrot,” “cozy as a caterpillar” and “snug as a snail” are bound to elicit giggles. Pottie’s vividly hued illustrations are a vibrant counterpoint to the text. Perfect to share just before toddling off to the right bed.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Most kids will relate to the fears of the children in the story as well as their shuffling around in beds trying to get comfortable. The appealing artwork keeps the tone of the story upbeat with scenes that are bright and cheerful while still giving the feeling of nighttime. A good selection for sweet dreams at home or for a story hour with a bedtime theme.”¬†– Booklist¬†

“This charming story is told in simple language and illustrated with big, blocky shapes and colors. Josie, Rosie and Rick and their dad spend the night switching beds when the youngsters wake up scared, cold, lonesome or crowded, respectively. Eventually, they all get sorted out and end up asleep in their rightful places just in time for their mother to come home and give them a kiss. The author and illustrator convey the palpably safe, swaddled-in feeling that comes from (eventually) being snug in one’s own bed. This quaint vignette of family life will spark instant recognition for many children.” – School Library Journal

“It’s hard to say who will see themselves more clearly in this tale of musical beds, the kids who start it or the grownups who end it (echoing the experience of many long-suffering parents, Dad finally picks up each child and tucks each one into his or her very own bed). The plot structure is simple but effective: one child sets off another like a row of toppling dominoes, until the grownups straighten them all up again… The text is straightforward and funny, and the familiar situation will surely draw snickers from past (and future) musical-bed miscreants.”¬†– The Bulletin

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