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“A story to treasure, the remember, to dream of” – Michael Morpurgo

An inspiring story of hope and survival written and illustrated with lyricism, empathy and warmth

Maggie is on holiday with her aunt and uncle. Meanwhile her mum waits for Maggie’s baby brother to come home from hospital. On a walk across the wild Norfolk shoreline, Maggie finds a seal pup stranded on the beach, all alone. She is the sweetest thing Maggie has ever seen. But without her mum, how will the seal survive? Who will rescue her and will she ever be returned to the sea, and find her family again? Expressed through her vivid dreams and thoughtful actions, Maggie longs for the rescue and survival of this dear little seal pup. And, all the while, she hopes with all her heart to be reunited with her own mum and baby brother again.

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The Tall Man and the Small Mouse

 “On a tall hill, in a tall house, lived a tall man and a small mouse…”

He’s a tall man who likes to fix things. She’s a small mouse who likes to find things. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

On a tall hill, in a tall house, live a tall man and a small mouse. All day the man does tall things, like untangling swings and rescuing cats from trees. All night the mouse does small things, like finding pins and pens, corks and long-lost forks. The two never see each other until the day the mouse takes a snooze in the man’s long shoes . . . SQUEAK! EEK! Can this duo get along – and maybe even become the perfect mix? A rhythmic, rhyming narration pairs with charming illustrations to celebrate the tall and short of an unlikely friendship – and the surprising benefits of working together.

From Mara Bergman and Birgitta Sif, creator of Oliver and Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance, comes an enchanting new story of friendship and teamwork; a modern fable of little and large.

“Bergman, who writes poetry as well as picture books, creates a rhythmic, rhyming text that reads aloud beautifully, with satisfying lines such as ‘In the town’s great square / was the town’s big clock, / which would not tick / and would not tock.’ Capturing the sense, the polish, and the wit of the verse, Sif’s digitally colored pencil drawings bring their own elegance and charm to the narrative while adding amusing details for curious viewers to discover. A beguiling picture book for imaginative children.” – Booklist 

“Gentle rhymes and rhythm combine with equally gentle art as the two characters become a working team and then friends. Sweet fun for storytime and bedtime.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A rhythmic, rhyming narration pairs with charming illustrations to celebrate the tall and short of an unlikely friendship — and the surprising benefits of working together.”                    – Goodreads

“There is a moral lesson here, but the book deals with the message so beautifully that you’ll be completely enchanted by it.” – Read-it-Daddy blogspot

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Bears, Bears, Everywhere!

Illustrated by Helen Craig, published by Orchard Books. ISBN: 978 1860396632

Bears in boxes, bears wearing sockses,                                                                                                 bears on the ceiling, spinning and reeling,                                                                                           bears up the stairs, bears on chairs…                                                                                                           Bears, bears everywhere!

A little girl’s wish for bears comes true. A rollicking cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for!

“The rhyming tale is complemented beautifully by the detailed illustrations of every sort of bear imaginable. Preschoolers will have fun picking out their favourites.” – Parents News

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Musical Beds

Illustrated by Marjolean Pottie, published by Simon and Schuster. ISBN: 0743 462084

It’s bedtime for Josie, Rosie and little Rick. Dad’s tucked them in, each in their own bed, as snug as snails. But while he is trying to enjoy some quiet time by himself, each child tries to find a better place to sleep… So they go, one by one, on a bedtime dance around the house.

“Bergman’s whimsical descriptions of the tykes snoozing in their beds, “quiet as a carrot,” “cozy as a caterpillar” and “snug as a snail” are bound to elicit giggles. Pottie’s vividly hued illustrations are a vibrant counterpoint to the text. Perfect to share just before toddling off to the right bed.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Most kids will relate to the fears of the children in the story as well as their shuffling around in beds trying to get comfortable. The appealing artwork keeps the tone of the story upbeat with scenes that are bright and cheerful while still giving the feeling of nighttime. A good selection for sweet dreams at home or for a story hour with a bedtime theme.” – Booklist 

“This charming story is told in simple language and illustrated with big, blocky shapes and colors. Josie, Rosie and Rick and their dad spend the night switching beds when the youngsters wake up scared, cold, lonesome or crowded, respectively. Eventually, they all get sorted out and end up asleep in their rightful places just in time for their mother to come home and give them a kiss. The author and illustrator convey the palpably safe, swaddled-in feeling that comes from (eventually) being snug in one’s own bed. This quaint vignette of family life will spark instant recognition for many children.” – School Library Journal

“It’s hard to say who will see themselves more clearly in this tale of musical beds, the kids who start it or the grownups who end it (echoing the experience of many long-suffering parents, Dad finally picks up each child and tucks each one into his or her very own bed). The plot structure is simple but effective: one child sets off another like a row of toppling dominoes, until the grownups straighten them all up again… The text is straightforward and funny, and the familiar situation will surely draw snickers from past (and future) musical-bed miscreants.” – The Bulletin

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Snip Snap, Alligator!

This is the paperback reissue of Snip Snap! (Snip Snap! What’s That?, US)

Illustrated by Nick Maland, published by Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 978 1444914894

Winner of the Stockport Children’s Book Award
A Parents’ Choice Silver Award winner (USA)
Awarded the Society of Illustrators’ Silver Medal (USA)

When the alligator came creeping, creeping, creeping up the stairs, were the children scared?     You bet they were!

“Mara Bergman’s thrill ride, Snip Snap! What’s That?, brilliantly captures this primal fear of home invading noisemakers. While Bergman’s rhythmic, vocal text propels the story forward, it is Nick Maland’s illustrations, watercolors on photocopied drawings, that actually provide the book’s suspenseful foundation. Teasing us visually by showing just portions of the alligator’s body – a spiky tail, gigantic jaws, clawed feet – Maland enables us to confront our own menacing reptilian fantasies. In fact, the children’s dramatic reversal neatly coincides with our first look at the entire alligator, head to tail.” – New York Times

“Nick Maland’s clever perspectives make the alligator increasingly alarming as he swells to fill more and more of the page in this well-created story of facing down fear.” – The Guardian

“Using elements of rhythm and rhyme as well as an enjoyably predictable question-and-answer    refrain the text maintains a playful tone beneath the scary details… Expressive line drawings, brightened with watercolour washes, illustrate the story with wit and style… Good fun.”  – Booklist

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Oliver Who Travelled Far and Wide

Illustrated by Nick Maland, published by Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 978 0340981641

Winner of the Booktrust Early Years Award

“A picture book that will no doubt be revisited many times by any child lucky enough to get it.”                                                                                                                                                            – The Bookseller

“Small children will relish such wild journeys by someone the same age as themselves.”                                                                                                                                                                           – Independent

“Beautifully illustrated, this is a fantastic journey of the imagination – and a perfect bedtime read.”                                                                                                                                             –    Maternity & Infant

“An exciting read, would last a long time on our bookshelf.” – Child Education

“Beautiful to look at, the bold yet intricate artwork perfectly complements the buoyant, flexible verse.” – Carousel

“Charming bath time fantasy … executed with freshness and vigour.” – Books For Keeps

“Beautifully crafted from the first to the last page.” – INIS

“A great book to read with children.” – Baby London

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Glitter Kitty

Illustrated by Lydia Monks, published by Simon and Schuster. ISBN: 9781 4711 22163

Cuddles the cat can’t wait for the Meowtown Dance Competition. She’s been to the hairdresser, run lots of errands for all her friends and practised her favourite dance routines. Now she just needs a little catnap… But will Cuddles wake up in time for the big event? 

“A fabulously funny, glamorous tale.”

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Itchy Itch Itch

Illustrated by Emily Bolam, published by Bloomsbury. ISBN: 978-1408818473

Buffalo had an itchy itch itch,
which he couldn’t quite reach
to scratchy scritch scritch.
What will Buffalo do?

A delightful, humorous story published in partnership with The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a charity that provides help for animals at home and worldwide. The Society also runs the ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Includes a Fun Animal Facts page.

To find out more visit and www.stories from the

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Best Friends

Illustrated by Nicola Slater, published by Hodder Children's Books. ISBN: 978-1444914191

Reminiscent of Hairy Maclary, this fantastic tale is perfect for dog lovers everywhere!

"A huge amount of fun ... utterly stunning retro-flavoured art ... pitch-perfect rhyming ... glorious     energy... A charmer." – Read It Daddy!

“Colourful and energetic. The story has a good rhythm... Great for dog lovers and children who enjoy mischief in whatever form it takes!" - The Bookbag

“Catchy rhyming text races you through the book and it is superb to read aloud.” – Parents in Touch

“A lovely rhyming text and bright, child-friendly illustrations, Best Friends is a joyous celebration of friendship.” – Library Mice

“This rhyming story is characterised by a terrific sense of infectious fun that appeals equally to eye and ear.” – Irish Times

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Lively Elizabeth!

Illustrated by Cassia Thomas, published by Hodder Children's Books. ISBN: 978 0340988053

“The poem flows beautifully - almost reminiscent of Hilaire Belloc with its particular rhythm, and of course featuring a naughty child.” – The Bookbag

“This is a perfect nursery tale... The illustrations are fun and stuffed full of detail, and the fabulous rhyming text has such great pace, tumbling from page to page - just like the children.”                                                                                                                                                                               – Nursery World

“The very essence of childhood ... an elegant picture book” – School Librarian

“Energetic and funny.”– Bournemouth Daily Echo

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